Is Investing in Cyber security relevant to Small and Mid-sized Business?

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SMBs often think that cyber security threats only apply to larger companies.

Most small and mid-sized businesses have a tendency to think that cyber security is the primary concern of larger businesses.

Why? Just take a look at the news. There are constant reports of massive breaches affecting millions of people, usually disclosed by the largest most well-known companies. As a result, most small to mid-sized companies tend to be more relaxed about their security posture.

Unlike larger businesses who are required to disclose breaches when they occur, small to mid-sized businesses have no such requirement and hence are able to stay out of the news.

All businesses face the same threat from cyber criminals regardless of their size, budget, and revenue.

It is a fact that larger businesses invest more in cyber security than small to mid-sized businesses. It follows that the potential risk posed to smaller businesses is higher as there is very little or often no investment is made in cyber security.

Owners of small to mid-size businesses should consider an analogy I like to use, if you stayed in a bad neighborhood, would the size of your home determine if you secured your home?

Below are some resources with great free information about small and mid-sized business information security:

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